Tax Credits

When available, energy-related tax credits are generally provided for renewable projects. TE Fusion readily identifies and capitalizes on these direct reductions to the client’s tax bill to enhance the economic viability of its renewable solutions. Recently, many previously expired Energy Tax Credits were fully restored retroactively with geothermal, wind and fuel cells extended through 2021 to match solar. There are significant tax credits for 30% of the costs of certain major renewable energy installations. These credits are unlimited and include labor on installation for items like solar water heaters and panels, geothermal heat pumps, small wind turbines and fuel cells.

Tax Deductions

TE Fusion maximizes tax deductions for energy efficiency with methods like cost segregation and EPACT 179D. For Federal tax paying commercial property owners, cost segregation is an IRS compliant process to classify a building’s components for tax savings. Engineering-based analysis identifies all accelerated depreciation deductions, lowering reportable income for thousands of dollars in tax and cash flow benefits. This analysis also documents long-term assets for added write-offs when these items are replaced. TE Fusion completes and certifies energy efficiency investment to qualify for tax deductions of up to $1.80/square foot.

Tax Incentives

Our experts identify, prepare and manage public and private incentive programs for both new construction and renovation projects. Specifically, TE Fusion develops customized plans for energy efficiency investment projects with sizable cash benefits from reduced Federal, State and Local taxes as well as custom utility rebates and grants.