Sustainable Energy Solutions

TE Fusion develops high performance buildings combining energy efficiency, productivity, functionality, system reliability and security. Our sustainability professionals incorporate conventional and/or renewable energy sources in flexible solutions balancing facility demands with financial needs. Importantly, the key to our solution is that it is financial, merging and optimizing the project’s financing, savings and tax aspects. All our projects consider the client’s financial condition and capacity, while targeting no or minimal capital use, positive cash flow generation and cost reduction. For the next five years, firms buying, building or remodeling facilities are presented compelling means to save money and enhance operating efficiency by integrating the new tax laws with all the energy efficiency and financing incentives available.

Energy Supply Management

TE Fusion reduces commercial and industrial energy supply use and costs by 15% to 45%. For clients in deregulated states, our expert team analyzes firms’/institutions’ energy procurement and consumption to create optimal energy spending solutions: as a licensed energy broker, we employ a proprietary electronic platform with 24/7 access to 40+ energy suppliers to implement custom electricity and natural gas supply programs at the best available rates.

Energy Financing Solutions

An integral part of all our solutions is to secure appropriate, cost-effective financing. Among our specialized funding sources is Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). PACE is a low-cost, long term financing means for energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation projects in new and retrofitted buildings. Importantly, it is not a conventional loan, but a tax-deductible assessment repaid with the building’s regular property tax bill. Using the energy savings to fund the project, PACE eliminates upfront investment, does not affect loan-to-value ratios and typically is cash flow positive from day one. Also, the assessment is tied to the building so there is no payoff if it is sold as repayment is transferred to the new owner.